Prairie Games Tools and Technology
Tools For Rapid Developent of Cross-Platform Games

pyTGE is one of the first unique technology pieces from Prairie Games was to bind the now open source Torque Game Engine to the standardized and well established Python language. This crucial milestone allowed two significant advantages for Prairie Games: #1 Prairie Games's game products could now be written entirely in Python which allows for quick prototyping, fast development, and easy modification and maintenance, and #2 the open source TGE is not the main control for Prairie Games? games, but Python is the main control. The more established Python calls TGE as a service.



Prairie Games' TorqueMMOKit is the publicly available version of the first indie 3D MMO game engine. Using a number of proven off-the-shelf open source solutions, TorqueMMOKit offers unprecedented systems integration. Some of the unique proprietary enhancements include:

  • Custom OpenGL support allows any TorqueMMOKit product to be developed and launched simultaneously on Windows and Macintosh. The custom OpenGL support also allows Prairie Games product to work on minimal hardware requirements which makes it the first technology of its type fully compatible with NetBooks.
  • Highly customizable virtual world avatars using large numbers of mount points - not just avatars with different hair and eyes as other companies have done. But avatars that can wear, wield, equip, and use unlimited numbers of hand weapons and devices, clothing, hats, helmets, bows, boots, shields, gloves, jewelry.
  • Atlas terrain support - allows the TorqueMMOKit to offer substantially large seamless outdoor environments, all shared with high numbers of simultaneous players, without the need to pause or load additional resources.
  • Full SQLite integration - just as Apple iTunes does. This allows long hours of both offline single player entertainment as well as shared online multi-player progression.

Many third-party licensees have enjoyed the engineering saved by building their products on top of Prairie Games' TorqueMMOKit. Included in these are Mad Otters' A Mystical Land, the original prototyping for Above and Beyond Technologies' The Repopulation, and Lethal Games' Foundation of Hope Online.


Back-end Server Cluster

One of Prairie Games' strongest technology advantages is our Back-end Server Cluster. Our Back-end Server Cluster is designed for real-time re-active scalability as well as extreme geographical deployment. The system has been proven to support extremely high and competitive simultaneous users as well as hardware spread across multiple world territories. Like our TorqueMMOKit, contains a number of proven off-the-shelf open source technologies uniquely integrated with proprietary Prairie Games' tools and technology:

Authentication - Prairie Games authentication system is very advanced and stable. Protection of consumers' private information and financial investment in virtual goods is paramount in retaining customer loyalty and brand quality. Our security and authentication system was architected and implemented by the former head of digital security for Symantec and the Los Angeles International Airport. We use state-of-art software and hardware solutions such as Cisco Firewall products, and custom Prairie Games authentication procedures and process to keep the Back-end Server Cluster and customer experience secure.

World Server Clusters - These World Server Clusters are the most proprietary and unique solutions to scalable virtual world servers to date. Unlike competitive MMO virtual world servers, Prairie Games' customers can access any of their avatars, virtual goods, and friends from any server from anywhere in the world in real-time. Virtual worlds are live at all times and are flexible across multiple hardware, instances, and processor cores - with surprisingly minimal resource needs. Custom Prairie Games? caching technology has created a smooth and seamless transition for Prairie Games' virtual world avatars to travel from one virtual world environment to another.

Master Server - Prairie Games Master Server solution is far above and beyond competitive technology solutions. Most companies version of a master server merely tell users what Counter Strike server is available at the moment. Prairie Games? Master Server doubles as an all in one main user account repository for customer accounts. Helping users set up their accounts for the first time, retrieve lost passwords, change contact information, change login names, and track level membership with Prairie Games products. alprazolam

SQL Integration - The Prairie Games Back-end Server Cluster is fully integrated with a number of bindings and hooks into multiple SQL database instances. Prairie Games choice in allowing integration to multiple database solutions allows higher transaction per second usage database relationships to use one solution, and lower transactions per second database relationships to use others. Large numbers of simultaneous players progressing virtual world avatar characters require high speed, high transactions per second solutions. User password retrieval does not. That's why we recommend to companies entering the MMO business for the first time to avoid single database solutions.

Game Server - Prairie Games Game Server is again a truly unique Prairie Games solution to online MMO support and service. Our Game Server allows login and password specific access to our support staff to maintain a live running Back-end Server Cluster without interruption in service. Our Game Server is a store forward of queued requests into the other systems of the Back-end Server Cluster. Therefor virtual world game moderators can interact with the system through a single connection to the Game Server - helping users in real-time - without direct access to the virtual world technology itself. The same for support staff granting users virtual goods purchases - through a single link to the Game Server without direct access to the virtual goods database.

Twisted Python and IRCd - We've chosen to integrate the powerful and off-the-shelf technologies of Twisted Python as a event scheduler for the Back-end Server Cluster, and the proven technology of IRCd to allow all simultaneous Prairie Games users to communicate globally and in real-time.

IDE - Prairie Games Integrated Development Environment is a unique prototype and test tool for creating all the systems of our Back-end Server Cluster on a single developers workstation. This allows emulation of an entire product deployment for testing and staged development.

Monitoring and Metrics - Prairie Games has a large number of monitoring and metric tools and technology. Everything for server loads to identifying influencing communicators within our user community.

The highest profile product built on Prairie Games' TorqueMMOKit and Back-end MMO Cluster is Prairie Games' very own Minions of Mirth for Windows and Macintosh. Currently over 115,000 users are enjoying the benefit of 600 hundred hours worth of virtual fantasy environment - available 24 hours a day. With the implementation of of Minions of Mirth, the base Prairie Games engine and technology was enhanced with additional features such as Friend's Lists and Guilds.


TorqueMMOKit V3

Prairie Games Version 3 of the TorqueMMOKit - not yet released publicly - brings the Prairie Games' engine to the highly portable OpenGL ES 1.x compatibility. We now have the first truly 3D virtual world experience running on iOS and Android.